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The term retail usually refers to the activity of selling goods or services directly to consumers or end users. Some retailers may sell to merchant customers and these deals are called non-sectoral or extracurricular activities. Legal definitions of retail sale in some regions impose an amount of 80% of sales as a minimum that must go to the end users.

Retail activity mostly takes place in retail stores or service facilities, but it is through direct sales such as what happens In self-selling machines, door-to-door selling, or electronic selling. Although the term retail is usually associated with selling products, the term includes service providers to consumers. .

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Discounts on wholesale

Enjoy 5% -30% Discount and Wholesale Buying Discount at the same time. The discount amount will be automatically deducted from total.

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Only for wholesalers. High quality and best-selling products with up to 50% off. Buy more, save more.

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We will meet your requests for the size / logo of the item you need.

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We have a service to ship products by sea and air freight according to your desire

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